Nordic Diet

Nordic Diet

The Nordic diet focuses on the consumption of foods eaten by those in Nordic countries. 

Recent studies have shown that, in the short term, the Nordic diet can improve weight loss and several bodily systems, including the cardiovascular system. Specific to the foods sourced in Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and Sweden, this diet is designed not only to be particularly healthy but to support locally sourced foods. 

A Diet To Address Obesity Rates

In the early 2000s, groups of chefs, nutritionists, and scientists came together to try and come up with a plan of attack for the farming and obesity concerns that had been growing in Nordic countries. 

From this meeting, they came up with the “Nordic diet”, which is designed to focus on foods that are sustainably farmed in Nordic countries. The diet contains less sugar than Western diets but is much higher in seafood and fiber consumption. 

Though the diet is less popular in the western world, it has become quite popular with people in Nordic regions, due to the fact that it not only helps with weight loss but is an eating plan that helps to sustain and support farming communities in these countries. 

Healthy And Locally Sourced Foods 

To follow the Nordic diet, one must avoid sugary beverages, processed goods, or food additives. Red meat and other animal fats are eaten rarely but are still sometimes consumed. 

Followers are encouraged to increase their intake of vegetables, potatoes, nuts, seeds, rye bread, berries, spices, canola oil, low-fat dairy, legumes, and berries. Fish and other seafood are also considered highly important to the diet. 

In some cases, game meats, your, cheese, and free-range eggs may also be eaten. 

Quite similar to the Mediterranean diet, the one thing that sets the Nordic diet apart is the emphasis on canola oil, rather than olive oil. 

The Nordic diet is one that can be quite effectively modified, depending on any food allergies or restrictions an individual might have. For example, you may opt to completely remove red meat from your diet, rather than incorporating it every once in a while. 

A Very New Diet 

Most of the news coming out about the Nordic diet is simply introducing it to the Western World. As mentioned, the diet hasn’t quite gained a ton of popularity in North America or across Europe yet, but with studies done as recently as this year showing the effectiveness of the diet, it’s likely that more people will gravitate towards the Nordic Diet in the coming years. 

 A Short-Term Diet 

While people have found the diet to be effective in the short-term use of the diet, some studies have shown that people gradually gain their weight back over the course of one or two years after starting the diet. This is likely because the diet is simply focused on food, rather than on exercise, which is also needed to keep weight off. 

The Nordic Diet In Pop Culture 

Alexander Skarsgard and Lara Stone are two celebrities who have tried the Nordic diet. Both have shared their weight loss and health successes with fans, encouraging others to look at how the Nordic diet might be beneficial for them. 

An Up-And-Coming Diet

As with the increasing popularity of the Mediterranean diet, it’s likely that we’ll see greater numbers of individuals flocking to the Nordic diet in the coming years. Because this diet is focused both on weight loss and sustainability, it really does go hand in hand with many of the concerns facing people today.

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